AMR Initiatives Endanger Patients
No More Bad Laws
Amendment 19: Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative in Colorado: Is it good medicine? (10/10/98)

Text of American for Medical Rights proposed medical marijuana inititiave for the state of Colorado.  This is AMR's model text for the 1998 election.  Similar versions have been submitted in Alaska, Maine, and Washington, D.C.

AMR's Colorado initiative may lead to harsher penalties for marijuana possession in Colorado.

AMR's Colorado initiative will endanger patients.

Control or Compassion?: AMR's Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative in Colorado

Concerns about Americans for Medical Rights' law enforcement model to medicine.
Compiled from patients, their family, friends and caregivers, medical professionals, attorneys, public officials, drug policy reform professionals, and other concerned citizens and nationwide.

Colorado Citizens for Compassionate Cannabis denounces AMR medical marijuana initiative

Colorado initiative will make laws worse.

Why The Colorado Initiative is Bad Medicine:
American Medical Marijuana Organization, Press Release, November 13, 1997.

Comments from Colorado Legislative Council, November 26, 1997

More on AMR's Law Enforcement Model of Medicine
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