Warning Issued to Potential Gilpin County Jurors

October 3, 1996 Press Release Colorado Legal Eagles

The Colorado Legal Eagles
PO Box 506
Nederland, CO 80466

The Colorado Legal Eagles are advising citizens of Gilpin County of a serious threat to the judicial system in their County. Further, the Eagles are advising that all those called for jury duty, in the coming months to seek legal counsel before any statements to the court, its officers, or the prosecution. You may be prosecuted for, improper verdict, deliberation, or views of the evidence presented in that court.

It is widely believed by legal experts that the circumstances leading to this alert will be overturned at higher court. However, these appeals procedures may take one to two years. Until such time, citizens should be aware of their legal rights. Those not aware of these rights should seek a court appointed attorney, before any questioning, at the beginning of the jury selection process. YOU WILL NOT BE ADVISED THAT ANYTHING YOU SAY, CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU, THOUGH THIS COULD VERY WELL BE THE CASE.

The most glaring recent example, was heard Oct. 1, 1996, State of Colorado vs. Kriho. In this case the court and prosecution have seemingly merged to become the same legal entity. Even the most common motions normally granted are tersely denied. The vindictive nature of the Gilpin County Judge is apparent. When an officer of the court, (Ms. Kriho's attorney) tells the court the defense needs an extension of time, (it's first such motion in the case) and unprepared for trial at this time and the court ignores and denies this motion, leaves little doubt this Court will reach a verdict of guilty. This activity is so egregious, attorney Paul Grant appealed the decision, under emergency provisions, to the Colorado Supreme Court.

The court has ruled on a whole gamut of motions against the defendant, all by design within the judicial hallowed halls of Gilpin County, in-concert with prosecution, as a tactic to bring errant jurors into line. The errant juror, Ms. Kriho in this case, voted not guilty, in a possession case. Before the verdict was officially rendered, the judge and co-author of the tactic, declared a mistrial, to allow for the outrageous spectacle of jurors called to witness against other jurors, judges and prosecutors as witnesses, in a circus of what only can be described as judicial carnage.

We, do have great faith that the higher courts will not tolerate this type of malicious prosecution. However until this situation is fully heard and rectified, Gilpin County citizens should be aware, the time honored tradition of service through jury duty has been rendered.

Joseph Vigorito <joe@eagle-access.net>
The Colorado Legal Eagles <http://welcomehome.org/eagles.html>
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