Election Results
November 3, 1998

Measure 8: Medical Marijuana
YES: 58%
NO: 42%
(97% of precincts reporting)

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Sponsors: Alaskans for Medical Rights

More information on Alaska's Medical Marijuana Initiative

Arizona Prop. 300
YES: 43%
NO: 57%
(100% of precincts reporting - CBS News is reporting that Prop. 300 was officially defeated.)

A 'no' vote will allow doctors to continue to prescribe Schedule I drugs without any further authorization from Congress or the FDA.
Referendum relating to the medical use of Schedule I drugs which was put on the ballot to overturn the gutting by the legislature of Prop. 200 (the Drug Medicalization, Prevention and Control Act), which passed by 65% of the vote in 1996.

Up to the minute results:
More information on Prop. 300

Ballot Question #9 - Medical Marijuana
YES: 59%
NO: 41%
(99% of precincts reporting - CBS News is reporting that Ballot Question #9 has officially won.)

Up to the minute results:

More information on Nevada's Medical Marijuana Initiative:

Measure 57: Recriminalization
(A 'no' vote prevents recriminalization of marijuana in Oregon)
YES:  33%
NO: 67%
(240/2,196 precincts reporting - KOIN News is reporting that Measure 57 has been officially defeated.)

Measure 67: Medical Marijuana
(A 'yes' vote allows patients to possess one to three ounces of marijuana for medicine and to grow three plants to obtain that medicine.  Measure 67 prohibits distribution.)
YES: 55%
NO: 45%
[1,853 of 2,194 precincts reporting (84%)]

Another Site for Oregon Results

Sponsors of Measure 67: Oregonians for Medical Rights

Oregon Elections Division - Unofficial Election Results

More information on Oregon's Medical Marijuana Initiative and Recriminalization Referendum

Washington State
Initiative 692 - Medical Marijuana
YES: 59%
NO: 41%
(99% of precincts reporting - CBS News is reporting that I-692 has officially won.)

Up to the minute results:

Sponsors: Washington Citizens for Medical Rights
Web: http://www.eventure.com/i692/
Web: http://www.hemp.net/news/initiative.html

Washington Sectretary of State:

More information on Washington State's Medical Marijuana Initiative:

Washington, D.C.
Initiative 59 - Medical Marijuana
YES: ??
NO: ??
(An exit poll showed 69% of voters supported I-59)

The D.C. Elections Board decided today not to count the votes cast for and against Initiative 59 due to the passage of an amendment to the D.C. Appropriations bill by Congress that forbids the D.C. Board of Elections from spending any money on the elections relating to medical marijuana.  See DC Board of Elections Press Release.  The Vote Yes on 59 Campaign will be in court Wednesday morning seeking a court order to have the votes tabulated. 

***Call your Representatives and Senators Wednesday morning***
Demand that they pass legislation immediately that will allow the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics to tabulate and certify the votes for Initiative 59.
U.S. House of Representatives
(202) 225-3121
U.S. Senate
(202) 224-3121

Directory of U.S. Senators:

Directory of U.S. Representatives:

More information on the Campaign for Initiative 59, Medical Marijuana:
Initiative 59 Web Page

Background on Congress trying to prohibit this D.C. Election:

Check the D.C. Board of Elections Web Page for the tally when Initiative 59 is counted:


Amendment 19 - Medical Marijuana
YES: 57%
NO: 43%
(This vote does not count; Amendment 19 cannot be enacted)

Even though the Colorado Supreme Court ordered the votes for Amendment 19 not to be counted because it was ruled that the proponents had not collected enough signatures on the petition to secure a place on the ballot, some counties are reporting the votes cast for Amendment 19.

Up to the minute results:

More information on Amendment 19:

Election Results in Other States

CBS NEWS: http://event.cbs.com
MSNBC: http://decision98.msnbc.com/summary.htm

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