Colorado Hemp Initiative Project

"Fighting over 60 years of lies and mis-information
with over 10,000 years of history and facts."

Excuse our mess!!!
This web page has not been updated in a long time,
So you will find some information that is very outdated.
But you will also find a lot of useful information and facts
about cannabis, hemp, and other issues that you will be very useful.
We are in the process of updating the page, so please visit again.
If you would like to receive more recent updates on our activities and other issues, please send us email with the word "SUBSCRIBE" in the title:
Or check out a related web page that has more current information
about campaigns in Colorado and other states.
The Levellers Cannabis Page
In the meantime, BROWSE AWAY!!!

This website is intended to provide current and historical information about Cannabis Hemp and the ongoing movement to free this helpful plant from the tyrrany of misguided and harmful laws.

Members of the Colorado Hemp Initiative Project (COHIP) help farmers, legislators, business owners and other interested people understand the importance of Cannabis Hemp agriculture.

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